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Welcome to Vacation2NewEngland.com, a Boston-based African-American owned travel portal made to offer everyone 100 notable reasons to visit influential, enriching and vibrant Black New England destinations. You’ll see today’s things to do and places to go you can plan for tomorrow.  We tell you where Black-owned tourists and lifestyle shopping is done.

African Americans and Blacks have been thriving since our arrival in Early America. Our snippets and large oceans of Black culture has been placed. And its growing today all over the region. These contribution are the fabric of the Black community and support New England’s Gross Domestic Product.

Boston, one of the oldest cities in the United States, saw unwilling Africans come here 16 years after William Bradford’s Puritan Pilgrims settled.

As the birthplace of freedom, Boston’s storied past has not been erased, but the histories and accounting of Africans for the first 100 years were not documented. Thousands of Blacks never got counted,. Authors, historians adn researchers are tapping out stories about the missing blacks. They roll out through research papes onto published book product made by academic print shops. 5 black people here, 100 black persons there, slave narrative reviews, that’s what has been the trend.

We have papers from the Town of Deerfield – proof when the Blacks in Deerfield – who assembled there in Western Massachusetts to help the settlers farm very fertile land made by the Connecticut river,  were counted in the town. The year was early 1700s, almost 100 years after oru ancestors arrived.

New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine and Vermont, and Rhode Island, and New Foundland  are states we  are reaching out to for notable nuggets to tell you about.

Our Boston area recorded history screams for the detail, the Pilgrim’s William Bradford wrote in his journal . Blacks in New England, our presence and erased lineages are as old as the Pilgrims. BUT EVERY PILGRIM  AND THEIR OFFSPRING IS NAMED and accounted for in a  book.

Of Plymuoth Plantation
William Bradford:
of Plymouth Plantation, the definitive journal

Bradford: Of Plymouth Plantation

The Black record has yet to come.

The Town of Plymouth maintains an open Pilgrims Ancestry Society.

The Black Boston abolitionist, Mr. David Walker documented in sufficent detail Black Life in Boston during the 1700s and 1800s.

On Vacation2newEngland.com you will see more about the coming legalized Marijuana Cannabis and Casino Gaming impact on New England as it emerges in 2018 and 2019. Things are changing already.

Have you heard of the Laughing Grass Hotel in Maine? Maine legalized pot already. Now when you book a room at the Laughing Gas, the air is fused with cannabis content and all the food served is cooked with cannabis. Its all gormey.  Prices start around $275 per night. The concept revived a worn down 16-room motel that had been a cheap motel for skiers out to ski.

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Black New England is in the northeastern region of the United States. There are 14 million people alive in the area. The region is 72,000 square miles and includes the states of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

New England’s snowfalls, ski resorts, casinos, beaches, oceanside vistas, boating culture, whale watches, fishing industry, tourism enclaves, universities, Cape Cod and the islands, fall foliage and crafted cuisine are some of  the  outstanding features people look for.

Boston, Massachusetts is the hub of New England. It is the largest city in the region. Established in 1630, Boston pre-dates the American Revolution (1765-1783). Boston first Black community was established in 1638.

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History of Boston Busing is a special site built by a Boston Public Schools (BPS)  head of history dept at the time, a Ms. Kerry Dunne, and her non-profit colleagues. We were excited to contribute PR for it.  The effort pushed a policy to teach BPS children in classrooms about the school desegregation.

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