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Things to do events on Boston and Massachusetts calendars

Read over the Big Black Events Calendar at Black Boston Common Online web screens
Seafood picks in Boston

Yelp Boston picks for Best Seafood Restaurants

Boston Yelpers made noise. Per their ratings, the top ten Boston restaurants for seafood dining in the summer of 2017 are: 1 Neptune Oyster1, 63 Salem Street, North End 2. Manoa Poke Shop300 Beacon...

Boston celebrates KWANZAA

Here's what's going on in 2016.
Boston common fountain sculpture

Tracing the 1630s English Puritans from Charlestown to founding Boston

Join the group lead by an experienced guide and learn about the summer of 1630, when a small group of English Puritans set foot in Charlestown and then moved across the bay to establish the settlement...

Where do blacks go out when they come to Boston for a visit?

Massachusetts receives about 20 million visitors a year according to the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism and Boston gets about 50 % of all visitors. An overwhelming majority of visitors when surveyed, say they...

Where are the Black People in Boston?

Africans recently lead all immigrants in number and volume of  coming to live in Massachusetts and Boston. Somalians, Nigerians and Kenyans were coming. After all, the first blacks arrived in Boston in the early...

The Ruggles #28 bus ride down Blue Hill Avenue is unique.

Boston scenes by bus. No other route covers as much territory where African Amerians, Blacks and other minorities live and work in Boston, than the Ruggles #28 bus. It starts at Ruggles Station at Northeastern...